Friday, June 1, 2012

Celbrating Memorial Day 2012

Hello All,

 This past Monday we celebrated Memorial Day. Every year there is an Old Fashioned Picnic where veterans from a bunch of different wars come and share their testimonies and their memories with us. We enjoy going every year. This year all of my little cousins and sister got matching outfits. They all looked so cute.

 From Left to Right: Emmi(9), Abby(6), Morgan(6), Tori(6), Bella(4), and Ava(4) 

 All the girls with a good friend who came with us to celebrate Memorial Day!
 As you can see they had words on the back of their shirts to honor our Veterans who served our country. We can't thank them enough for their services.

   I hope you enjoyed these pictures! I hope everybody is doing well!