Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Update on Papa


Papa is doing well with Therapy and everything else. He is healing good from the first surgery. He just went to the Dr. on Monday and the Dr. told him that he can walk without the brace on his leg with two crutches but can walk with one crutch with the brace on. He is still icing it through out the day and elevating it. Unfortunately he has to have another surgery next week. The surgery is schedule for the 13th of May and what they are going to do is hook his leg up to a manipulating machine and bend it and brake up the scar tissue in his knee. Then they are going to Manipulate his knee with this machine that they will look his leg up to and it will bend is for a while and it will be easier to bend. He will be sent home with this machine for about 60 days and will do it so often. The surgery will be about 1-2 hours. Papa keeps saying that this is his late Birthday Present because his birthday is on Wednesday the 12th. So just keep Papa (Ron) in your prayers as he is not looking forward to another surgery.

In Christ,


Victory Betts said...

Hey Brit ,.Happy birthday to Uncle Ron and I am glad to hear he is doing better.

Brittany Hutchison said...

Thanks Tory!!! I know, he isn't really looking forward to the surgery. But it will help him a ton. Miss you!!!!

Kayla said...

We will be praying for his next surgery.

Brittany Hutchison said...

Thanks Kay!! He will appreciate it very much. Look forward to seeing you in a month. Miss you!!!