Monday, October 4, 2010

Sweet Cousins!!!!


Well, last week we enjoyed celebrating the gift of reading with Emmi. She learned to read and invited her friends over for a special tea party. Ally and I made all of the food and All set the table all pretty. This picture was when Emmi was thanking Ally and I for everything that we had done for her. It was a sweet time to celebrate. Emmi got a new Bible with her name on it. She loved it and all of her friends enjoyed there time with Emmi and the rest of the girls. I hope you have a blessed day!!!!


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Kayla said...

Hey Stranger...
I have been thinking about you!! How are you?? I am good! My life has been so so so so busy!!
Give me a call so we can catch up!
Tell Emmi congratulations!!! She is so big!! I love the picture you guys look so cute!!!!