Wednesday, November 10, 2010

More Xander Pictures

Hello Everyone,

I'm giving you an update on Xander the baby. He is doing wonderful in his foster family right know. He is already getting bigger. We have been receiving pictures every couple of days from them.

So with the whole adoption process the man that the birth mother is married to (not the birth father) has not been in her life for over two years but since they are married he is the legal guardian over this baby. So, in order for him to come to the Tsanltes' the father has been sent a certified letter that he could just sign and then everything would be back to normal. The other thing is that the agency would have to get in the court and ask the judge to terminate his rights. That could take a little while to do all of that. We're just praying that the father signs the paper and then everything would be back to normal. Keep praying!!!



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