Monday, February 28, 2011

What a Great Weekend!

Well, this weekend we decided to pack everything up and head to Lynchburg, VA to take a weekend trip to celebrate Taylor, my cousins, 18 birthday. We had a blast from snow tubing to bowling to eating out for dinners to spending time with family.

We left Friday morning and went snow tubing Friday afternoon at Wintergreen Resort in VA. Then we went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. We had a fun packed day. All of the kids were exhausted. Oh, wait, but there is more. We went to the store just to get a couple of things for breakfast. Taylor's birthday was Saturday and we all got him some presents. Auntie Tracey could not wait for him to open his presents so he opened them. We got him some games so we all played a game for a long time. We didn't got to bed until 12:30.

Saturday was a lot of fun!! We had breakfast in the cabin we stayed in. Uncle Jim was the cook that morning. I took like an hour to make everything for breakfast. We went a bumped around town and just had fun. We went to this really good Hibachi Buffet for lunch. They had everything you could imagine. It was so YUMMY!!!! We had a blast! Then, we went bowling.

Then, we went back to the cabin and Mr. and Mrs. Vogal brought us pies and pizza. They brought a couple of there friends that could play instruments and we all would sing to the music. It was a full house that night. But, it builds memories for the little ones. Remembering every year coming here and singing with everybody is so fun.

Sunday was just a chill out kind of day. We listened to church and then we all had leftover pizza and pies for lunch. We went to the park and played and then headed home after we gathered all of our stuff from the cabin.

We had a blessed weekend!!


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Kayla said...

Sounds like a bunch of fun!!!