Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Servants Heart

One day I read this and I thought it was very helpful and wonderful. It really helps me and reminds me to always be a servant!!! Here it is!!

A true servant:
Knows that all assignments are actually from God
Will be quick to volunteer
Considers his assignment important
Takes order
Does not desire to have authority
Will do what others do not or will not do
Enjoys meeting needs
Doesn't need recognition
Will voluntarily serve without pay
Doesn't seek higher status
Will do more than is required
Does not have his own selfish ambitions
Will serve anyone-even those who others don't like to serve
Is willing to be treated like a servant
Does not seek the "big" and "important" assignments
Will serve with a joyful attitude
Will put his whole heart into each task
Thinks of others before himself
Desires that his master receives the credit
Desires that God receives the glory

This is something everybody can learn from and I myself am reading it over and over again!! I really enjoy this poem!! I hope it will encourage you to serve without someone having to ask you to do everything!!!

posted by: Brittany Hutchison

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