Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A special visit

I had one of my really good friends come home with us when we went to Georgia to do a dress sale. We did a lot of fun things with the babies and both enjoy watching children. All of us went to the park and had a picnic. I also had a sleepover with her and Ally!!! I love when Kayla comes to visit. When she comes we all have so much fun because we always are laughing and giggling at each other or with each other. Kayla, Ally and me do a lot of fun things together!!!! I love when Kayla comes to visit!!! I will have some pictures on the trip pretty soon!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Brittany,

Wow-sounds like you are having alot of fun in North Carolina! Is Kayla from Romeoville? The picture of the turkey is sooo funny, though is it safe that Tyler attempts a capture?? Can't it "peck" him or something? And little Morgan is getting so big! They say kids that have pets understand the concept of love..or it goes something like that! How is Mom and Ron and of course Tyler, what is he up to? Life in Chicago is still cold!! We are still getiing snow. I am busy trying to tie in all the paperwork for Nick and College. He will be attending U of I in Champaign-Urbana, about 2 hours from home. Nat is good she is finishing up her bowling season and starting baseball. Brandon is starting baseball in fact, he has the same coach as last year only a different team name. I love, love, love the coach!! Last year his team took it all and the coach was wonderful withthe kids! Dad he is busy with work and of course playing video games! Jeter and Payton are sstill as dumb as a box of rocks..here is what they did last week....got out, went running across a busy street, entered Dominicks (the grocery store) and stopped at the deli counter like they were waiting to be served! The police were called and they followed the kids home with the dogs-can you beleive that? Well, i am at work and have to finish things up here..love the blog, hope we can keep in touch this way!

Love to all,