Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hannah's Faithfulness to her Lord

I have just started going through the book of 1 Samuel and wanted to share with you what I have been thinking. Chapter 1 is very encouraging because Hannah is very faithful to God. Peninnah, who is Elkanah's wife provokes Hannah because the Lord closed her womb and Peninnah has a lot of children. So Hannah just went and cried out to her God. Then when her husband came to her to see what was wrong she called him "My Lord", and was very faithful to her husband and her God.

So what really encouraged me was that Hannah did not get angry and bitter she just went to God and asked for His help and strength to get through this. So we can all learn from this to go to God and not to man when we are in need. I hope this is encouraging to you.

In Christ,


Kayla said...

That is very true we need to turn to God and not rely on man to fulfill our need!


Thanks Kayla, will call you soon. Miss you so much.