Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fun Memories in Tennessee

Recently I went to Tennessee with my Auntie Tracey and Uncle Jim for a home school conference. The conference was so encouraging and extremely powerful with all of the wonderful messages. I just have some fun pictures of the people that I went with and just fun times in TN. It was really fun meeting some new people and also reuniting with people that I did know but haven't seen in like 3 years. I was so blessed by the conference and hope that my whole family can go next year. I hope you enjoy the pics!!!!!! :)

Left to right, top row: Tori Betts, Karlee Whaley, Thea McKellar, Kayla Whaley,
Left to right, bottom row: Allyson Tsantles, Aislynn Light, Me, and Krista Whaley
We were just leaving Backyard Burgers. We had so much fun.
I met Jessa Duggar at the ATI Conference. She was so sweet.
Me, Thea, and Kayla all having fun taking pictures!!!!
Emmi Tsantles and Lexi Whaley, So Cute!!!!!
Group Picture everybody. Having a ton of fun!!!!!

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Victory Betts said...

Cute PIcs!!!!! Love them! Tori