Thursday, June 17, 2010

My 16th Birthday Party!!!!!


Last Sunday I turned 16 and I had a wonderful time celebrating my birthday with my family and the Tsantles. I had a lot of fun and will always remember it. They had something kind of like a party on Friday night where I went home during the day and then came over and they had the table all beautiful with fancy dishes decorations. It was all vintage and so beautiful. They served me a spaghetti dinner which is one of my favorites with salad and bread. They also mad cupcakes that were so pretty. They piped the icing on yellow and green which green is one of my favorite colors. It was a fabulous party that I will always remember. Then, after dinner we all sat in the family room and everybody went around and told me what they enjoyed about me and then Papa had gotten some special letters from some of the ladies from our church that were very sweet. I loved the letters and will enjoy going back to read them when I get older. After that we all wanted to dance so we were dancing to the electric slide and hokey poky and other fun songs. Then of course we had to go swimming. That was so much fun with it being dark. Well, I got a ton of pictures so I will post some. Here they are:

Kayla, Me and Ally were posing on the fireplace, this is a fun one!!!!
My sweet cousin Ally and I during dinner
My Mom and I sitting down waiting for dinner to be served
This was me when I first saw everything and how pretty it looked

I hope that you enjoy my Birthday Photos!!!! I had a blast, it was such a surprise and we all had a fun time.


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