Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Birthday!!!!

Yesterday was Morgan's birthday!!!! She was so excited, and ready to have a party with her best friends (Abby, Tori, Bella, and Ava). Her friends also got to spend the night and watch a movie. They did have a party, they went swimming and ate cupcakes. Morgan had a great time with all of her family and friends. Then we went to Golden Coral to get something for dinner, they announced her name on the loud speakers (Morgi Porgi). She loved it and was so excited about it. She said her favorite part was when she walked into the Tsantles house Uncle Jim said "It's the Birthday Girl". We made her a cupcake cake so I will have to post pictures of her cake. It was so cute!!! She had the best birthday!!!!


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Elizabeth J. said...

Happy Birthday!

This is my first visit to your blogspot (I arrived here from a link on Kayla Whaley's profile) and so I decided to comment. I like your blog background, the colors are nice.=) If you'd like, drop by my blog.