Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Ally's Photo Shoot


My dear cousin Ally took her little sisters out one morning while they were playing and decided to do a photo shoot. The pictures turned out so cute. I love all of my cousins just because they are all so cute and I could just eat every one of them up right away. Well, here are a couple of the pictures from the photo shoot that I thought were cute!!!!

I hope you enjoy these pics. I thought they wee cute. Have a wonderful day.



FullquivOrr said...
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FullquivOrr said...

How sweet, Brittany! I love their matching outfits- they really are too cute!

I'm not so sure about the 'cousin' in the first photo though... teehee : ).


Kayla said...

Oh, my!!!!!!!!! These are the cutest pictures!!!!!! I MISS them like CRAZY!!!!

Victory Betts said...

They all look adorable !

Allyson said...

Those are some really cute kiddos, I wish my siblings were that cute!!! I love you girly! Oh, and a pretty good photographer that girls must be! TTYL!