Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Blair is Pregnant

Hello Everybody,

I just wanted to announce to everybody that my cousin, Taylor, and his wife Blair are expecting. She is almost 6 weeks and so excited that she is going to have a baby. We were all so excited when they told us. They told us on New Years Eve. They brought up a little gift for Alexander and Auntie Tracey opened it and it was a onesie hat said, "I'm an uncle." It was so cute and none of us got it at first. Ally was the first one to get it and then we all got excited and started jumping up and down and hugging like crazy. The baby is due on September 6th. We're all so excited.



Thealena said...

YAY brittany!!! Thats sooo exciting! =D

Hannah said...

How exciting!! I followed Taylor & Blair's wedding online and loved it. But, I was wondering if you could help me with something?? How old are Taylor & Blair??

Brittany Hutchison said...

Taylor is 17 almost 18 and Blair is 23. I'm Taylor's cousin and we were also so excited for them. She is 8 weeks this week!!


Betsy said...

Did the child Taylor impregnate her?