Monday, December 7, 2009

Prairie Day


These are pictures from our wonderful Prairie Day that we had. It went really well. We were outside all day and cooking over the fire. Our menu consisted of Beans, cornbread, sweet potatoes, green peppers, fried fish, and corn. We had eggs for breakfast and popcorn as a mid morning snack. I think the popcorn was the best part of the meal. We were going to get a chicken but the guy we buy the chicken from wasn't home. Instead we got our boys out fishing for us and caught 2 fish and fried them up. They were pretty good. The cornbread was the worst part of the meal. It tasted like dog treats. Well, I hope you enjoy the pictures and here they are!!

Tyler and Jabez out on the boat trying to catch some fish.

Lexi and Emmi just being girls, there so cute together.

They were all a mess, but they had a real fun time outside all day.

This was the oil fire that we had, Pappi put the pan on the fire and
the oil caught on fire so he put that white bowl on top of it while the eggs were in the bowl and
the oil splattered everywhere. It was something. Remember, there is never a dull moment around the Tsantles. No one got hurt, it was really funny after the fact. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

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