Friday, December 4, 2009

A Trip to Lazy Ranch

Last week we took a little day trip about 3 hours away with out friends that came in for Thanksgiving and we went to Lazy Ranch. God has created such beautiful things on this earth and we need to be grateful that we can see them and just watch what God has created. They have animals that you do not even see in the zoo. They have giraffes, zebras, yaks, and even put belly pigs. I think the pot belly pigs were so cute, they even had baby pigs. They are so little and cute but we have to remember that they won't be that small for forever. I have a ton of pictures, so I will just have to choose some to share with you guys. Here they are!!!!

Big pop belly pig, his belly was dragging on the ground and he could barely walk.

Here is the huge cow, he actually played in a movie with his brother and is a super star. His tongue was so big and looked like sand paper.

This is how tall the giraffes were, they are so tall.

This is one of the Lama's that they had. I don't get to close to any of them.

I forget what kind of animal this is but they were huge!!!
These are the little teeny baby pigs, they were so cute. We have to remember that
they don't stay that cute there whole life!!!

I am feeding the giraffe. They are huge. I never realized how big they are.

Here is the baby zebra, he was posing for us. He wouldn't move from that spot. I
thought that was really funny.

Tori (Toozle) is getting ready to through food to the big animals!!!!

This little trip that we took was really fun and we all had a great time. We get to ride in the uncovered wagon and pet some of the animals and feed them all. I hope you enjoy all of the pictures of the Lazy ranch trip. That was our second time going there. We had a great time seeing God's creations.


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