Monday, September 14, 2009

Purpose to be Wise

Today for my quiet time I was reading Proverbs 14. I thought that verse 3 was good. It says, "In the mouth of the fool there is a rod of pride, But in the lips of the wise will preserve them." I just thought that that is so true because when we are acting like a fool there is always pride involved in the situation. When you are wise your lips will stay pure and clean. That is a wonderful thing that we can try to do everyday.It would be great to try to be wise ans accept wisdom. I am trying to purpose to do that, whether or not I want to or not I have to try to not let pride in because I tend to have a lot of pride. I don't want to have a lot of pride it just creeps in when I am being fleshly. Let's all work on it together. I pray that this verse will help us all to be more wise and encourage others.

In Christ,

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