Thursday, October 22, 2009

Baby Chicks Pictures

Here are some pictures of Tyler's chicks that he got this morning. They are really cute and just make the cutest little noises. I got a couple cute ones with Morgan and Tyler together. He got 26 of them but we only took pictures with a couple of them. I hope you enjoy the pictures!!!!! Here they are!!!

Tyler and Morgan with two chicks!!!

Tyler and Morgan with the chicks!!!

Morgi-Porgi with the little baby chicks!! She loves them.

Their first couple minutes in the cage. Tyler has it all set up nice and pretty but it won't stay that way. They will get quite messy in about a week or two. Tyler loves them and can't wait until they get older and start giving him eggs. He should get some good eggs next summer. His eggs are so pretty. Right know the chicks are so pretty and fuzzy. They are so small, we don't remember that that is how small the other batch was when he got them 2 years ago. I hope you enjoy the pictures and have a great day!!!

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