Thursday, February 18, 2010

In Recovery


I just wanted to let all of you know that Papa is out of surgery and is doing well. He is highly on pain meds right now so he isn't fully awake. His incision is about 20 inches long and then there are just a few other little ones that are only a couple inches long. I haven't really heard much except that he is out of surgery. When he wakes up and is a little responsive the Dr. will see if he can flex his foot and if he can that means that the nerve didn't get damaged during the surgery. Just continue to pray for him that you would give him patience during this rough time. That you would just give my mom comfort and that neither of them would be nervous. I just continue to pray for Papa that the Lord would just guide this whole season. Lord, Please heal Papa's leg Lord just please. Have a great week and I will post more when I hear more from my Mom. Have a blessed night.

In Christ,

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FullquivOrr said...


"Uncle Ron" and your whole family are in our prayers daily. We love you all!