Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Pray for Papa


You can be praying for Papa (Ron) because on Sunday we were playing football in the snow and he started running for the touchdown and he fell someone landed on top of him and he dislocated his knee. He went to the hospital on Sunday night at 6:00. He tore a ligament and has to have surgery for the surgeon to repair it. It is going to be quite a long recovery for him. There will be a lot of physical therapy and really learning how to walk all over again. The hospital said that this is a very dangerous and uncommon thing. When this happens you usually damage blood vessels but Papa didn't do that which is a good thing because he could have been bleeding internally and could have really gotten sick. Keep us in your prayers. He is going to be home for a while and is going to be going into surgery next week some time. He got home safe and has a wheel chair and a walker for getting around. Pray for our family and I will keep you updated on what happens. He is at the orthopedic surgeons office right know.

In Christ,

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